10 Quick & Easy Steps

to Superior Health & Financial Freedom!

Below are the 10-step instructions on getting started quickly - and easily - with the Rezealiant Living Business Opportunity.


Enroll as a Rezealiant Living Distributor or Affiliate

Go to the Rezealiant Living Business Website of the person who referred you. You will be able to confirm the person as their name and contact information will appear on the website. On the bottom of the page, click the button that says “Click Here to Join Rezealiant Living”. You will then begin the registration process by filling out the requested information.


Designate whether you are registering as an
Affiliate or Distributor

When you are signing up, you will need to notify us as to whether you want to be a Distributor or an Affiliate. You can get more information about the differences below, or you may want to speak with your Sponsor. Either way you decide, if you decide later to change your designation you can do so.

An Affiliate is someone who is interested in earning commissions by referring new product customers directly. An Affiliate will earn commissions on any product purchases made by the person they referred for the lifetime of that customer. They will only earn commissions on direct sponsored individuals.

A Distributor is someone who is interested in building a downline sales organization and recruiting others who are also interested in building a downline. A distributor will earn commissions on products purchased from those they refer, and can earn commissions from the recruiting efforts of others on multiple levels.


Place your starter product package order

The starter package you choose to start with should reflect your level of commitment with Rezealiant Living, your passion for changing your life, and your budget.

Our Starter packages are very affordable and certainly will offer an excellent potential for financial reward. The Starter packages range from $200 up to $1200 - and represent a great savings on products. The larger packages include more products, increased savings, and additional PV.

One benefit of having additional products is that it gives you an opportunity to experience a variety of products and gives you a higher-level of excitement about the company and products you represent. It will also allow you to have extra product on hand to sell, share with family, friends, and sample with prospects. When you purchase a Starter Pack your savings is much greater than if you purchase in any other way.

We have found that our most successful distributors are those who start with a larger starter package and encourage their new signups to do the same. Remember, most of your new signups will follow your example so it is important that you set a confident foundation and commitment.

The most important point is to GET STARTED NOW! Pick the Enrollment Pack that best works for you, your goals, and your budget, and take immediate action.

You can feel confident with whatever level of package you decide on because we offer a very solid and impressive 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. We are that confident in our products, and know you will be too.

(Note: Each Starter Package also includes the annual Distributor/Affiliate signup fee which is normally $50. This fee covers two personalized (replicated) Rezealiant Living Marketing websites, back-office management system, training, and digital and printed marketing materials.)


Choose your replicated website name

When you sign-up as a Distributor or Affiliate, you will receive two (2) Replicated websites to help you promote the Rezealiant Living products and business opportunity. Your Replicated website(s) will be a good tool you will use to build your business and likely where you will refer new customers and business prospects. You will select the name for your website – which will look something like: www.myrezealiantliving.com/YOURSITENAME. You will probably want to choose a name that will be short and easy to remember. You will receive a Business replicated site, and Customer replicated site.

After you register if you prefer a different replicated site name, you will have the opportunity to change your replicated site name from within your distributor center back office.


Complete the Registration Process

Once you have decided your position and product package, and have given the shipping address for your products, you are ready to confirm.


Check your emails

After you sign-up in Rezealiant Living you will receive a confirmation of your registration and other important emails that contain information to get you started. You will need the information in these emails to login to your Distributor Center Back-office. Be sure to save this information.

Our desire is to help you get your Rezealiant Living business growing quickly, so be sure to look for these emails and make sure they aren’t in your spam or junk folders.

You will want to put us on your approved/whitelist so that you always receive information from us - as it will help you in building your business.


Login to your Distributor Center

After you login credentials to the Distributor Center back-office, you will want to login and begin familiarizing yourself with the tools and information that is available. You should have received your login credentials in your email. To login, go to: http://www.myrezealiantbusiness.com/dc

The Distributor Center will be an important component in managing your Rezealiant Living business, and will give you an immediate view of how your business is progressing.


Set-up your Monthly Product Autoship

You will need to login to your Distributor Center back-office and setup/manage your monthly autoship.

Autoship is very important if you plan to be successful with Rezealiant Living. Being on autoship is required to be a Rezealiant Living Distributor and will qualify you to earn commissions and bonuses.

We also offer a “backup autoship” option which will give you additional flexibility in your monthly product purchases. You may want to consider setting-up a back-up autoship for Premium Feast. That way, you should never run out of our flagship product.


Attend our Quick-Start Training and Welcome Webinar

In your back office you will have several links that will offer training resources and additional information to help familiarize you with your new Rezealiant Business. We will host regular “Welcome Webinars” for new distributors to personally introduce you to the Corporate team, and give you some other information to help you get started quickly. You will receive notice when the next new Distributor Welcome Webinar will be held.


Connect with your Sponsor and Support Team

One of the most important parts to building a successful business is building successful relationships! You will want to get in touch with your sponsor as soon as possible, and let them know that you are registered and excited. Your upline will be very happy to hear from you and will be helpful in getting you started.

In addition, you will want to connect with the Rezealiant Living Support Team on any questions you may have. We are here to assist you in any way. It is always our pleasure to answer any questions or provide you with the support you need. If you have questions, contact our Support Team at: helpdesk@rezealiant.com